Recipe: Appetizing Pineapple salsa

Recipe: Appetizing Pineapple salsa

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Pineapple salsa. This colorful pineapple salsa recipe will be a big hit. Perhaps pineapple salsa sounds crazy at first glance, but it's not when you think about it. Fresh pineapple salsa is easy to prepare!

Pineapple salsa This easy pineapple salsa will be your new favorite summer snack! This fresh, easy pineapple salsa recipe adds the perfect sweet & spicy finish to tacos, salads, burritos, and more. Pineapple salsa, a refreshing, tropical and delicious dish. You can have Pineapple salsa using 8 ingredients and 1 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Pineapple salsa

  1. Prepare of pineapple chunks, drained & chopped.
  2. It’s of container of cherry tomatoes chopped (or your favorite) you can use more or less your choice.
  3. Prepare of Small red onion chopped.
  4. Prepare of Cilantro I used half a bunch chopped (your choice on how much).
  5. You need of cumin.
  6. You need of Couple dashes of Chyanne pepper (depends on how hot you want)(because I can’t use actual peppers).
  7. Prepare of lemon juice (optional) at first too hot so I added it and a tad too sweet.
  8. You need of I didn’t use any salt and pepper (my choice).

Pineapple salsa is perfect served as a dip for chips, or a topping for tacos or grilled meats. When I'm looking for a light appetizer for a hot summer day, I turn to this super easy pineapple salsa. Many pineapple salsa recipes call for roasted peppers, dry seasonings or heavy dressings. Serve this pineapple salsa as a dip with chips, as a salad addition, or as a topping for a wide range of.

Pineapple salsa instructions

  1. Mix and enjoy…

Pineapple Salsa made even more delicious by grilling the pineapple, red bell peppers, red onions AND jalapeno! This easy Pineapple Salsa recipe makes everything better! Fresh pineapple salsa is easy to prepare! A vibrant blend of sweet pineapple, tomatoes, jalapenos This delicious pineapple salsa recipe highlights fresh and colorful ingredients combined to add bold. This Pineapple Salsa Recipe is a fun tropical twist on a classic.

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