Recipe: Appetizing Onam Vibhavangal-Avial

Recipe: Appetizing Onam Vibhavangal-Avial

- in Colocasia

Onam Vibhavangal-Avial.

Onam Vibhavangal-Avial You can cook Onam Vibhavangal-Avial using 18 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Onam Vibhavangal-Avial

  1. Prepare of banana Raw.
  2. It’s of elephant foot yam – pieces.
  3. Prepare of colocasia-pieces.
  4. Prepare of brinjal.
  5. You need of drum stick.
  6. Prepare of beans (peas).
  7. It’s of Padavalam(snake gourd)-pieces.
  8. Prepare of Savala-cut legthwise (pieces).
  9. You need of mango Raw.
  10. Prepare of onions small , cleaned and cut to small pieces.
  11. It’s of coconut grated.
  12. It’s of jerakam.
  13. Prepare of curry leaves -..
  14. Prepare of Green chillies (-moderatly hot).
  15. You need of Turmeric powder.
  16. It’s of Chillie powder.
  17. It’s of salt.
  18. Prepare of coconut oil.

Onam Vibhavangal-Avial instructions

  1. All the vegetables listed above are cleaned and cut to uniform sizes of (approx)5 cm length and 1.5 cm thickness and width. Add one tsp of turmeric powder, chilli powder salt and two cups of water. Cook the veggies in a thick bottomed pan with the lid on.If the yam or any other item is not fresh and need more time for cooking, they have to be placed on the fire first and when they are moderately cooked, the other items can be added and the raw mango pieces needs to be mixed last..
  2. When the vegetables are cooked soft, Add a coarse gravy (half ground)consisting of grated coconut, green chillies jeerakam and curry leaves, to the vegtables and continue to cook for a few more minutes till the raw smell of the gravy disappears. Add more salt if required.
  3. Now mix the small onions with the coconut oil (blend with the fingers) and add this to the avial on the stove..Mix everything finely.Take out from fire.The yummy avial is ready..

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