Recipe: Yummy Eggplant 🍆 with garlic and vinegar 😋

Recipe: Yummy Eggplant 🍆 with garlic and vinegar 😋

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Eggplant 🍆 with garlic and vinegar 😋. Eggplant is drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, then broiled in the oven with some minced garlic (use jarred minced garlic to save some time on this Remove from oven and drizzle or brush the eggplant slices with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Sprinkle with garlic and red pepper flakes. What to Serve with Eggplant with Garlic Sauce.

Eggplant 🍆 with garlic and vinegar 😋 I didn't have the Chinese vinegar, so I substituted rice vinegar and it still was yummy! Eggplant with garlic sauce (Yuxiang eggplant, 鱼香茄子) is an easy and remarkably delicious home-cooked dish. However, it is a very tricky to cook eggplant. You can have Eggplant 🍆 with garlic and vinegar 😋 using 3 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Eggplant 🍆 with garlic and vinegar 😋

  1. It’s 2 of eggplant 🍆.
  2. Prepare 1 cup of vinegar.
  3. You need 10 of Garlic cloves.

Add the remaining seasoning and keep stir-frying. Add the cornflour slurry to thicken the sauce. Finally, add the Shaoxing wine and vinegar. Stir in the water, red pepper flakes, and garlic powder.

Eggplant 🍆 with garlic and vinegar 😋 step by step

  1. Cut the eggplants long slices, sprinkle the salt 🧂, after 5 minutes washed the eggplants and leave it about 5 minutes also..
  2. Peel and crush garlic cloves or chop them in very small pieces, then add a cup of vinegar..
  3. Fry the eggplants until be golden..
  4. Add the vinegar and garlic mixture to the fried eggplant and cook for 15 minutes until it dries up..
  5. Then it is left to cool down and eaten cold without heating. It can be eaten with bread and yogurt.

I like to use fresh garlic over dried – and when making Asian sauces I tend to go with brown sugar instead of white. I also switched from soy to tamari – however as written I'm sure the original is. The eggplant is grilled until crispy and smoky, and then cooked in a rich savory garlic sauce. This vegan dish is very satisfying I have adapted it on the fly because someone had chopped and prepped the eggplant too soon. Was doing a worchester sauce/vinegar based dish, but I expect it will mix well.

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