How to Prepare Tasty Kathal Biryani /Jackfruit Biryani

How to Prepare Tasty Kathal Biryani /Jackfruit Biryani

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Kathal Biryani /Jackfruit Biryani.

Kathal Biryani /Jackfruit Biryani You can cook Kathal Biryani /Jackfruit Biryani using 26 ingredients and 11 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Kathal Biryani /Jackfruit Biryani

  1. You need of marination:.
  2. You need of Jackfruit (Kathal), chopped into small pieces.
  3. It’s of thick curd.
  4. It’s of Ginger garlic paste.
  5. Prepare of Lemon juice.
  6. Prepare of Red chilli powder.
  7. Prepare of Garam masala powder.
  8. It’s of Turmeric powder (Haldi).
  9. Prepare of biryani masala powder.
  10. You need of Salt or to taste.
  11. Prepare of rice biryani.
  12. You need of long grain Basmati rice.
  13. You need of Onions sliced.
  14. It’s of green chillies chopped.
  15. You need of Cinnamon Stick.
  16. Prepare of big black Cardamom.
  17. It’s of Cloves.
  18. You need of green cardamom chhoti Elaichi.
  19. It’s of Star anise.
  20. Prepare of Bay leaves (tej patta).
  21. It’s of Coriander leaves chopped.
  22. Prepare of Mint Leaves chopped.
  23. You need of oil.
  24. Prepare of salt or to taste.
  25. Prepare of Ghee.
  26. It’s of Cashew nuts, roasted for garnish.

Kathal Biryani /Jackfruit Biryani step by step

  1. Firstly wash and soak rice for 1/2 an hour..
  2. Now boil water in a sauce-pan, add the chopped jackfruit pieces with some salt and boil for 15 minutes..
  3. When the pieces are soft enough, drain the water and allow them to cool..
  4. Meanwhile heat oil in a wok and deep fry the onion slices until golden in colour. Remove them on an absorbent paper and keep aside..
  5. Mix well all the ingredients in a bowl mentioned under marination. Now marinate the cooled jackfruit pieces with the marination mixture..
  6. Boil water in a large saucepan, add soaked rice to it along with salt and half the whole spices mentioned in ingredients. Cook the rice until it's 75 % done, drain the water and keep the rice aside..
  7. Heat the same oil in a big saucepan in which you have deep fried the onions and add the remaining whole spices, marinated jackfruit, mint, coriander and spread it evenly..
  8. Now add the rice and spread evenly over it. Drizzle some ghee and cover the pan with aluminium foil and put in on low flame for 25 minutes on dum..
  9. After 25 minutes, switch off the flame and your biryani is ready to be served..
  10. Serve Jackfruit Biryani hot with mix vegetable raita or any variety of raita..
  11. Enjoy endlessly.

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