Recipe: Perfect Spicy fried plantain (kelewele)

Recipe: Perfect Spicy fried plantain (kelewele)

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Spicy fried plantain (kelewele). Fried plantains like kelewele show up all over the world like in Nigeria (called dodo), South America and the Caribbean, and Asia, but this recipe is ALL Plantains are an excellent source of potassium and some pretty good proteins. Some criticize kelewele as being too oily, but one can minimize the oil. Kelewele or Aloco(Spicy Fried Plantains) – African spicy fried ripe plantains that is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Spicy fried plantain (kelewele) Kelewele are often sold by African street vendors. Originally from Ghana, kelewele have been popularized in America by several Kwanzaa books and websites. How To Make Spicy Fried Ripe Plantain At Home (Kelewele). You can have Spicy fried plantain (kelewele) using 7 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Spicy fried plantain (kelewele)

  1. You need 4 of large ripe plantains.
  2. It’s 1 tbsp of paprika.
  3. Prepare to taste of Salt,.
  4. It’s 1 tsp of ginger powder.
  5. It’s 1 tsp of lemon juice.
  6. You need 1/4 tsp of nutmeg.
  7. You need As needed of Vegetable oil, for frying.

Jollof, Kelewele (Spiced Fried Plantain), Baked Chicken and Green Beans. But the traditional Ghanaian Kelewele fried plantains are in a world of their own. I've always loved buying these from street vendors across the city, so much so that I learned the recipe and made them for myself! Kelewele is a traditional Ghanaian side dish or snack of spicy fried plantains.

Spicy fried plantain (kelewele) step by step

  1. Wash and split all the plantains. Next, in a large bowl, diagonally cut the plantains into bite sizes..
  2. To season, pour in the paprika, salt, ginger and nutmeg and finally the lemon juice. Mix thoroughly to combine. Leave on the counter for 10 minutes..
  3. In a large saucepan, pour in some vegetable oil and heat it up on medium high heat, to check for hotness, put in the oil, a piece of onion, if it starts to fry, the oil is ready, with a spider spoon, scoop and pour the plantain into the oil. Fry for 10 minutes then reduce the heat to medium low and fry for another 5 minutes. Time may vary so fry till golden brown. When fried, take it out and put in a colander or a bowl lined with tissue paper to absorb any excess oil..
  4. Serve with your favourite rice dishes or as a snack with some peanuts. Happy Frying!.

Spicy Fried Plantains (Kelewele) – Ghana street food at its best!. It doesn't get more street food than Kelewele. Just ask any Ghanaian, if you don't Most Kelewele recipes call for a spice mixture that is paste-like because of the addition of water. I prefer making a "dry" spice rub as I find this sticks better. Plantain, believed to have originated in southeast Asia refers to the cooking banana, cultivars of the banana plant, which produces an edible fruit that is full of starch and rarely eaten raw.

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