Recipe: Yummy Fried green plantains

Recipe: Yummy Fried green plantains

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Fried green plantains. Preparation Cut ends from each plantain with a sharp small knife, then cut a lengthwise slit through peel. Fried green plantains – tostones – are crispy and savory, often served in place of fried potatoes. Fried sweet plantains topped with cinnamon and sugar make a wonderful dessert.

Fried green plantains Crispy Fried Green Plantains made with green plantain, a staple food in both the Caribbean and Latin America. Green Plantain is considered a vegetable when green and fruit when ripened (turns yellow). Fried ripe plantains have a crispy, caramelized texture and irresistibly sweet taste. You can have Fried green plantains using 3 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Fried green plantains

  1. It’s of Green plantains (as many as you like).
  2. Prepare of Oil.
  3. It’s of Adobo, garlic powder, salt.

The keys to successful fried plantains are choosing ripe fruit and using the right pan, oil, and heat. Plantain, believed to have originated in southeast Asia refers to the cooking banana, cultivars of the banana plant, which produces an edible fruit that is full of starch and rarely eaten raw. Though similar in appearance, the two banana varieties are typically used in very different ways. A plantain is a very firm banana.

Fried green plantains instructions

  1. Cut ends off plantain, add oil to a pan and put on medium- medium high..
  2. Cut along slotted indents found naturally in the plantain. Remove all the skin..
  3. Cut "coins" diagonally along plantain. Don't cut too thin..
  4. Check to make sure oil is ready by splashing some water into pan, if it bubbles you're ready! Place plantain slices into oil. About 35-45 seconds then flip over, cook 35-45 seconds on other side (light brown). Use a slotted spatula so oil can drip through..
  5. Remove and place on a plate with paper towel over it..
  6. If you don't have a plantain masher, grab a coffee cup. Use bottom of cup and smash plantain..
  7. Put back in frying pan for about 45-55 seconds on each side..
  8. Remove plantains from oil & put on a new paper towel. Sprinkle with salt, adobo & garlic powder. Serve with your favorite dipping sauce!.

Serve as side dish with your meal or as appetizers. For both green or dark plantains try the thousand island recipe or buy store bought. These fried green plantains known as Patacones or Tostones depending on where you are in the world, are one of our favorite appetizers or snacks! Tostones (Fried Green Plantains) are by far the best thing to happen since sliced bacon. Let me clarify – these are fried GREEN plantains.

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