Recipe: Tasty Plain pumpkin soup

Recipe: Tasty Plain pumpkin soup

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Plain pumpkin soup. While plain pumpkin soup is my favourite and the way I serve it most often, sometimes it's nice to change things up by adding other flavours! Here are a few suggestions: Curried pumpkin soup – stir. This easy soup is made with pumpkin puree, chicken stock, onion, and fresh herbs.

Plain pumpkin soup Whip up this easy pumpkin soup as a starter for a dinner party or a light supper when you need a Reheat the soup if needed, taste for seasoning, then serve scattered with croutons and seeds and. Quick and easy spicy pumpkin soup made with pumpkin purée, onions, fresh ginger, chicken stock Drizzle with plain yogurt that has been thinned with a little water and sprinkle with toasted pumpkin. Your mama's gonna be so proud. You can cook Plain pumpkin soup using 7 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Plain pumpkin soup

  1. You need of Salt.
  2. Prepare of Fish sauce.
  3. Prepare of tablespoon cooking oil.
  4. You need of Pumpkin (depend on how many people eat.estimate your own portion)hehe.
  5. You need of Water.
  6. It’s of Garlic.
  7. Prepare of Black pepper.

Pumpkin soup is a usually 'bound' (thick) soup made from a purée of pumpkin. It is made by combining the meat of a blended pumpkin with broth or stock. It can be served hot or cold, and is a popular Thanksgiving dish in the United States. These pumpkin soup recipes are like the ultimate experience of fall.

Plain pumpkin soup instructions

  1. Heat your pot and cooking oil,fry your garlic until yellowish color. Then add in your pumpkin. Fry about 3 minutes,then add in your black pepper..
  2. Final,add in about 3glass of water if it portion for 2-3people,add in your black pepper and fish sauce also salt. Leave it to boil about 8minutes to low medium heat..
  3. Check your soup,taste it.if you like stronger taste can add in your salt n fish sauce.some people like extra garnish which you can always do that.add in garnish like leek or big chili pepper. For me I like it plain. Bcos the pumpkin itself is sweet. Happy try :))).

They're packed with seasonal flavor, are easy to make, and will fill your house with happiness and warmth..creamy pumpkin soup with step by step photo/video. healthy appetizer soup recipe served as served as appetizer and most commonly it is served with garlic bread or plain roasted bread. this. Watch how to make the best pumpkin soup in this short recipe video! This creamy (yet cream-less) soup features incredible roasted pumpkin flavor. Indian Weight Loss Meal Plan/Diet Plan. How To Make The Best Creamy Pumpkin Soup.

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