Recipe: Delicious Pumpkin Kaiser Halwa

Recipe: Delicious Pumpkin Kaiser Halwa

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Pumpkin Kaiser Halwa. Yogambal Sundar shares a famous sweet recipe of Kasi Halwa. pumpkin halwa or kaddu ka halwa recipe with step by step photos. pumpkin halwa Pumpkin halwa is not a traditional Indian dish but it had been featured in a lot of televisions shows & magazines. Pumpkin or kaddu as we call in hindi, is a veggie that we often use during the Navratri fasting period. another recipe from pumpkin which was mil make for Navratri fasting is Kaddu ki sabzi. Pumpkin halwa is a very popular sweet dish usually made for special occasions.

Pumpkin Kaiser Halwa Pumpkin is popularly known as Kaddu in India. Rich, warm, sweet – the aroma of Pumpkin Halwa or Kaddu Halwa is something most Indian households know and love. White Pumpkin Halwa or Kasi Halwa is a sweet usually made during festivals and special occasions. You can have Pumpkin Kaiser Halwa using 5 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Pumpkin Kaiser Halwa

  1. It’s of pumpkin.
  2. You need of Sugar.
  3. Prepare of Kaiser strings.
  4. Prepare of almonds.
  5. Prepare of Desi ghee.

Mostly all wedding engagements ceremonies will have this on the menu. Kasi Halwa (Pumpkin Halwa) is a famous and traditional dessert in Tamil Nadu made using Ash Gourd (White Pumpkin). This is one of the easiest halwa variety and can be prepared in very less time. Add the pumpkin pulp to the pan you already used.

Pumpkin Kaiser Halwa step by step

  1. Peel and cut the pumpkin into small pieces. Remove inner side seeds also. Wash 2 -3 times and drain water..
  2. Take a pressure cooker. Add pumpkin and 2 tbsp water. Cover with lid. After 3 whistles off the flame. Let it cool. Open the lid and mash with a masher..
  3. Pour this pulp in a kadhai and on the flame. Cook till reduce water. Add sugar, Desi ghee,Kaiser strings,and sliced almonds and cook again for 5 mint. Serve as a healthy dessert..

Kasi halwa recipe with step by step photos. An easy to make delicious white pumpkin halwa recipe To make kasi halwa recipe select white pumpkin that is not very tender. It has to be fully grown and. Receipe of Pumpkin Halwa is very simple to prepare. Vellai Poosanikai Halwa / White Pumpkin Halwa is a very traditional sweet served at South Indian weddings.

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